Summer Special: All Tape Conversions Are Just $15!

Why should I convert my VHS tapes to a digital media?

Josh Chiodo/Unsplash

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Your videotapes hold your most treasured memories: childhood milestones, sporting accomplishments, weddings, anniversaries, family history interviews, artistic performances, and on and on. Why would you risk loss or damage of those memories by mailing or shipping them?

Why would you drop them off at a retail establishment or wholesale warehouse that knows nothing about digital archiving and just boxes them up and ships them on to another state or country for processing? Our videotape processing is done IN HOUSE by highly trained technicians that specialize and focus ONLY on preserving your videotape memories into a permanent digital archive.

We can also provide your video archive back on a thumb drive, and external hard drive, or on DVDs. Please see product descriptions for more information.